What is involved
The examination consists of a number of tests.

The standard examination consists of:
  • Hearing test (audiometry)
  • Visual acuity testing (eye sight check)
  • Visual field check
  • Ishihara colour blindness testing
  • Blood pressure
  • Lung function testing (spirometry)
  • Urine testing for blood, protein, sugar (NOT a drug screening test)
If you are intending to work underground a chest x-ray will be necessary.
If this is the case it is helpful to get this performed prior to your medical examination so that the relevant part of the Section 4 can be completed. Otherwise, you will have to wait until we receive the chest x-ray report. This can be arranged with your own GP or if you advise us at the time of booking we can provide the necessary referral. It is important to bring the films and report to your appointment.

If you have a disability or condition that might affect your ability to carry out a particular job, you may need to have a Functional Capacity Assessment done to establish your capabilities. These are usually performed by a physiotherapist and we can advise on this. If this is necessary there will be additional charges from the person carrying out the assessment.

The medical may also include drug and alcohol screening. This Practice is able to perform drug urine analysis only but these results are available immediately. The results of this test are only valid for five days so they are normally only performed just before you start in a job.

If applying for a Mines Rescue position, or some paramedic roles, extra tests are involved at additional cost.

Some employers also require a Back Fitness Test.

The basic testing is carried out by Dr Bartels’ Medical Assistant and then you will see the doctor for a full physical examination. The medical is a non-threatening process that is designed to provide the applicant with the assurance they need to apply for a particular role. Medicals are generally carried out first thing in the morning, mainly on Tuesdays, but every effort will be made to accommodate the applicant’s personal requests. The demand for medicals varies considerably so you are advised to make an appointment in good time if you have a particular deadline to meet.

If all requirements have been met and results (e.g. chest x-ray) are available you will receive your Section 4 at the end of the consultation. The medical will take approximately 45 minutes. Payment is expected at the end of the visit either from the applicant or via telephone from the employer.